Download VMware Player 5.0.1

It adds support for two new operating systems, improves startup time

VMware Player has been updated to build 5.0.1. The current release integrates mostly fixes, but it also features improvements.

The host of fixes available addresses issues such as the ability to mount VMDK files straight from the context menu of Windows Explorer. Also repaired is the problem with certain elements not being displayed correctly in Windows 8 UI.

Additionally, the Player will use more of the available memory resources to run virtual machines, on host systems equipped with more than 4GB of RAM.

VMware Player 5.0.1 adds support for Ubuntu 12.10 as a host and guest. Furthermore, starting this revision, the application includes Solaris 11 on the list of guest operating systems.

As for improvements, VMware Player should start faster, as the data collected through the User Experience Improvement Program is no longer loaded at every launch.

The entire list of modifications is available on this page. Download VMware Player.

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