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It adds group item tooltip functionality and restores VM item tooltips

Oracle has made available a new maintenance build for VirtualBox, incrementing the revision number to 4.2.2. Most of the fixes are GUI-related, but VBoxManage component has also been improved.

VirtualBox 4.2.2 restores the VM item tooltip functionality, adds tooltips for group items and disables grouping action if all the selected entries are already full children of the same group.

Moreover, the current build features a new menu for runtime drag-and-drop option change and proxy authentication has been disabled for security reasons.

Modifications touching on VBoxManage include fixing the output of “showvminfo --machinereadable” and parsing of “storageattach --discard”. Furthermore, the wrong output of the HPET setting in “showvminfo” should no longer happen.

Another fix is related to 3D support and addresses the problem with DrawIndexedPrimitiveUP implementation for the Windows WDDM video driver.

The full release log can be found on this page.

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