Download WinZip 18

Designed to boost productivity, simplify file sharing and securing information

Today, WinZip file compression software has been updated to a new major version. The fresh release stands proof of the company’s continued effort to multiply the functionality of the application by offering powerful file sharing features along with compression and encryption functions.

With WinZip 18, the company introduces the Enterprise edition, which includes support for Amazon S3 and Microsoft Sharepoint platforms.

The purpose of WinZip 18 is three-fold: increased productivity, easy file sharing, and stronger privacy. These are achieved through a range of add-ons, by integrating support for SugarSync cloud service, and by letting users encrypt files before sending them to a cloud storage service.

There are three add-ons available for the Pro edition (WinZip Express for Explorer, Photos, and Outlook), and one for Enterprise (WinZip for Sharepoint). Save for Explorer, which at the moment is free of charge, each of them is priced $9.95 / €9.95.

These plugins are designed to improve the overall experience with the application and cut short the amount of time spent for specific activities: sharing large files by sending a share link via email, importing photos from a camera and compressing them as soon as it is connected to the computer, encrypting or sharing data.

With SugarSync on the list, WinZip can now work with a total of six cloud services, which include Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box and CloudMe.

Download WinZip right now from Softpedia in order to take advantage of the new features.

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