Download a Free PDF Reader for Windows 8

PDF Reader 2.0 comes with the essential options to view PDF documents in the Modern UI

Windows 8 does come with a built-in PDF viewer, but in case you’re looking for another application that provides you more than the basic options, have a look at PDF Reader 2.0.

As you could easily guess by simply reading the program’s name, the app is supposed to help you view the content of PDF documents without switching back to desktop.

It only supports PDF files, so no HTML, XML, or RTF support is included and cannot be used to download, save or convert files.

And still, it remains a very good alternative for those who wish to easily open a PDF file on both Windows 8 and Windows RT. Of course, the app is offered free of charge to all adopters of Microsoft’s latest operating system.

Download PDF Reader 2.0 for Windows 8/RT

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