Download an App to See Picasa Photos on Windows 8

PicasaRT is now available for download in the Windows Store

Even though Google said a few weeks ago that it had no plans to release any other Windows 8 application, software developers are currently working on third-party clients that provide access to most of its services.

The best example is PicasaRT, a software utility that allows Windows 8 users to enjoy Picasa’s features without leaving the Modern interface.

The app offers dedicated features to access all accounts on a device running Microsoft’s latest OS, as well as options to see pictures in full screen. You can zoom and pan photos using touch gestures, but also to access photo details with just a tap.

Sadly, the app isn’t available for free, but a full license can be purchased for only $1.49 (€1.10). It works on all Windows versions, including x86, x64 and ARM.

Click here to view PicasaRT’s product page in your browser.

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