Download mFTP – A Metro-Based Windows 8 FTP Client

mFTP is a full-featured FTP client for any Windows 8 device

mFTP is one of the first FTP clients released for the new Windows 8 platform, offering a great feature package that should appeal to all those who wish to download and upload files with ease.

The application runs in the Modern UI of your Windows 8 device and provides dedicated options to download and upload files, but also to rename and move items in different folders.

A separate option to manage access permissions is also available, and so is a history feature to see the connection log and identify potential problems.

The application comes with support for all Windows versions, so it can be installed not only on x86 and x64 Windows builds, but also on ARM devices, such as Microsoft’s very own Surface RT.

Click here to load the mFTP product page in your browser.

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