Download the Best Periodic Table for Windows 8

The Periodic Table is available with a freeware license in the Store

If you’re looking for an easy to use yet full-featured periodic table for your Windows 8 computer, here’s the one that is at least worth a shot.

The intuitively-called Periodic Table is now available in the Store with a freeware license, coming with a pretty great feature package for all Windows 8 adopters.

The application includes a table view with the elements in a color-coded periodic table, as well as chemical and physical information for each element.

In addition, you can pin elements to the Start screen and use the Search Charm to quickly search for an element by name, symbol or atomic number. Of course, snap view support is also available and so is compatibility for x86, x64 and ARM devices.

Click here to view the official Periodic Table Windows Store page in your browser.

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