Download the First CollegeHumor Metro App for Windows 8

Watch videos on CollegeHumor without leaving the Modern interface

The first CollegeHumor application has just landed in the Windows Store, allowing Windows 8 adopters to watch clips on this popular video sharing platform without actually leaving the Modern interface.

While the app doesn’t provide too many breathtaking features, it’s still a pretty helpful tool for CollegeHumor users who wish to stay up to date with the latest videos published on this video service.

“With the official Windows 8 CollegeHumor app, you'll never be more than a few clicks or swipes away from our massive library of original sketches, cartoons, and series. Stay up to date by checking out the newest videos or catch up with some of the all-time most popular. With loads of fresh videos every week, we guarantee this app is Metro worthy,” app developers said.

The application is compatible not only with the desktop version of Windows 8, but also with Windows RT, so Surface RT can deploy it too.

Click here to view the app in the browser-based Windows Store.

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