Download the Microsoft Trackpad Settings App

This is the official Microsoft app for tweaking the Surface Touch Cover

Microsoft’s first tablet in history, the Surface with Windows RT, also comes with the now-famous Touch Cover, a 3mm-thin keyboard that can also protect the tablet’s display.

The company has just released an application to tweak both the Touch and the Type covers and, even though it doesn’t feature a breathtaking number of features, it’s still a good thing that it’s there.

The app lets you enable or disable the trackpad, tap gestures and scrolling, but also to flip scrolling direction.

Sadly, Microsoft’s Trackpad Settings app is only available in the United States, so in case you have already purchased a Surface from the US but you’re living in another country, there’s absolutely no option to download the application.

The company, however, will most likely release the app for some other countries too, as it’s now planning to sell the tablet in several new markets.

Click here to load the app page in your browser (the link works only for the US).

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