Download the Windows 8.1 Betta Fish HD Wallpaper

Here’s a minimalistic wallpaper for your desktop background

As you most likely know by now if you’re a Microsoft enthusiast, the software maker is introducing a so-called betta fish in every beta version of Windows, thus trying to mark the release of a preview build of its operating system.

A few days ago, it has emerged that Microsoft developed a new betta fish design for Windows 8.1 that adopts a more colorful look and is supposed to be implemented into Windows 8.1 Preview.

Of course, the betta fish will officially make its debut later today at BUILD when Microsoft will roll out Windows 8.1 Preview, but those who wish to use the new design as a desktop wallpaper can click the aforementioned photo and download an HD wallpaper.

As far as Windows 8.1 Preview is concerned, the new operating system is set to make its debut at the BUILD developer conference in San Francisco, so expect lots of new details to be released in just a few hours.

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