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Despite 10RCs, users still report serious issues in the latest build

One uTorrent user stated with great unease his belief that a stable 3.1version would be available when the app reaches RC20. Well, the development team went half the way and then released the stable version.

The differences between the last release candidate and uTorrent 3.1 stable are minor, as the most important entry is a bug fix where a piece with hash failure would keep failing.

However, despite the “stable” label stamped over version 3.1, many of the users are not content with this edition, reporting crashes and various important bugs. With umps sent both via online repositories and the application itself, uTorrent developers should not have a relaxed weekend.

The highlights of this release are the built-in player, fixed shut-down hangs. Also, the new build brings to the table a more efficient format for saving resume data, which will reduce CPU/disk stress.


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