Download uTorrent 3.2 Beta 27026

Users are asked to delete “settings.dat” and “settings.dat.old”

The latest beta build for uTorrent 3.2 has been available for a while, but up until now there was no indication about the set of changes it underwent.

With only one entry in the list, changes aren’t numerous. It deals with another case that would cause the “settings.dat” file to grow indefinitely.

However, the problems related to this file are not all eliminated, as the development team made an announcement informing users that the “settings.dat” is broken in this build and it should be deleted together with “settings.dat.old”.

The current release is still a beta, so glitches and malfunctions are likely to occur. Unless you really want to put the application’s development progress to the test, you are not advised to work with a beta version.

You can download uTorrent from this page.

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