Download uTorrent Client for Windows 8

Here’s an app to quickly manage your torrents from the Modern UI

There’s no BitTorrent client available in the Windows Store for the time being, but those who want to manage their torrents from the Modern UI of their Windows 8 device can always install uTorrent Client.

This application connects to the uTorrent WebUI and gives users the power to view and add torrents to the main uTorrent interface.

The GUI is pretty intuitive and provides one-tap access to a torrent management screen that displays information about every single torrent file, including transfer speed, peers and complete percentage.

In addition, the app allows users to quickly pause, stop and remove torrents, but also to start new downloads from URL or magnet links.

uTorrent Client works not only on laptops and desktops running Windows 8, but also on ARM devices such as Microsoft’s Surface RT. It comes with a price tag of $2.49 (€1.90), but a trial version is also available.

Click here to view the uTorrent Client product page in your browser.

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