Dragon’s Blade DX for Windows 8 Receives New Improvements, Download Available

The premium version of the game has been improved again

A new version of Dragon’s Blade DX for Windows 8 is now up for grabs from the Store, as the developers behind this project rolled out several new improvements for the game.

According to the release notes, from now on, giants will no longer appear near Raguld’s Lair, while damage over time spells now cause initial damage when cast.

“When casting a damaging spell, there is a chance for an additional unique effect to be triggered based on the element of the spell,” the release notes explained.

The premium version of Dragon’s Blade comes with a fee of $1.99 (€1.25) and works on all Windows 8 builds, including desktop computers and Windows RT tablets, such as Microsoft’s own Surface RT.

Click here to view the Windows Store of Dragon’s Blade DX for Windows 8 in your browser.

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