Dropbox 1.6.2 Available for Download

No auto-update yet, it fixes installation problems on Windows

Dropbox just published an update to version 1.6.2 for their file synchronization application. This is a follow-up with fixes for the major revision they rolled out less than a week ago.

It appears that testing on a larger pool of users revealed new bugs in the application, some of them affecting users on Windows XP and Vista. They experienced problems with installing the application.

Also repaired is the issue with the selective sync window being blank on Mac OS X after updating and the one with the web login failing to function if the working language in Dropbox was other than English.

The development team has announced that users will not be automatically updated to this new build at the moment, due to low turkey intake, so they’d be binging on turkey for the next few days (Happy Thanksgiving!).

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