Dropbox Experimental 1.7.3 Available for Download

It repairs issues affecting the new tray pop-up user interface

The fresh update for Dropbox Experimental brings to the table a batch of repairs designed to increase the functionality of the application as well as stability on some of the supported platforms.

The developers eliminated some issues that affected the new tray pop-up UI; one such problem tampered with its ability to capture keyboard focus while another solved the alignment issue. Furthermore, in some cases the tray pop-up UI could be cut off the side of the screen; this should no longer happen.

Additional modifications refer to improvements touching on notifications, which were acknowledged repeatedly and the “Syncing” label (to make it display more useful information).

A bug that prevented LAN synchronization from working properly has also been eliminated, and translation of certain messages in dialogs should be correct now.

On Mac, the developer did away with a crash in Finder integration.

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