Drunk Woman Finds Windows 8 Confusing – Video

After several tequila shots, a 40-year-old mother of two thinks Windows is confusing

While Steve Ballmer says the new Windows 8 operating system is extremely user-friendly, consumers think otherwise. And several videos published on the web are the living proof.

A 40-year-old lady, mother of 2, an active consumer of PCs, software and… uhm… alcohol, thinks that Windows 8 is confusing.

While most computer apps could become confusing after several tequila shots, Jennifer says the Start Screen is overwhelming, as she felt “powerless” and “trapped.”

Surprisingly, she does manage to click on some live tiles (mostly because they’re huge), but most of the Windows 8 features are still unwelcoming, as she described them.

The video is part of a set of usability tests focused on drinking customers conducted by Tree Sheets Market Research.

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