Dungeon Stalker 2 for Windows 8 Now Available for Download

Yet another exciting game arrives on Microsoft’s new OS

The Windows Store keeps growing, so more new exciting games and applications become available for users who have already installed the new Windows 8.

Dungeon Stalker 2 is one of the most exciting games that landed in the Store lately, providing users with first-person 3D graphics, touch-based spell casting, hundreds of weapons and character customization

“Get ready to enter a fully 3D real-time world of dungeons, monsters, devious characters and magic places where only the strongest will survive,” the game description published in the Store reads.

Of course, Dungeon Stalker 2 can be installed on every Windows 8 version that’s now available to users, including the desktop x86 and x64 builds, but also the tablet-oriented Windows RT running on tablets, such as Microsoft’s own Surface RT.

Click here to view and download Dungeon Stalker 2 for Windows 8/RT.

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