Early Windows 8 Start Screen and Lock Screen Designs Revealed

Windows 8 designer published some of the early concepts integrated into the new OS

By on January 4th, 2013 15:21 GMT

One of the designers involved in the Windows 8 project has decided to post some early concepts of both the Start Screen and the Lock Screen integrated into Microsoft’s latest operating system.

In case these photos seem familiar, it’s because the final designs are now available in Windows 8, even though they have received several minor modifications.

Designer Marius Bauer, however, said the team “got really inspired by the beautiful nature and iconic architecture of the city and the campus. Both elements are integrated in the final design.”

It’s no surprise that everyone working for Microsoft is “really glad with the final work,” even though a huge number of users have deemed the Start Screen pretty useless, especially because it replaces the traditional Start Menu, a surprisingly popular Windows feature.

Windows 8 Start Screen and Lock Screen (4 Images)

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