Employees Want Windows 8 Tablets Instead of iPads – Study

Microsoft’s devices are more appropriate for company workers

With the Surface Windows 8 Pro almost here, a new study comes to confirm that most employees would actually choose a tablet running Microsoft’s operating system instead of an iPad.

Researchers at Forrester have found that only 2 percent of the 9,766 IT workers included in the study currently own a tablet, but 32 percent of them admitted that such a device was now on their wish list.

As for iPads, only 26 of the respondents said they would buy one, while another 12 percent chose an Android unit.

This is pretty good news for the Redmond-based technology titan Microsoft, as the company is getting ready to introduce its second tablet in history. The Surface Pro will feature the full version of Windows 8 and will come with support for desktop applications, providing the productivity of a laptop with the portability of a tablet.

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