Enjoy the Beauty of Sports Illustrated on Windows 8

The official Sports Illustrated app lands on the new Microsoft platform

We’ve already told you that Microsoft’s Windows Store is growing up at a pretty fast pace, so it’s no surprise that more long-awaited apps are finally arriving on this platform.

The latest in this series is the official Sports Illustrated app that allows you to get the latest scores, news and photos without leaving your Modern interface.

In addition, the application provides access to SI writer columns, blogs and videos from the editorial team, while also boasting a bunch of filters to help you select the content you want to read.

Snap view is also supported in case you wish to keep an eye on some live scores while using another app.

The app provides support for both x86 and x64 Windows 8 versions, but also for the RT flavor deployed on tablets.

Click here to view the Sports Illustrated product page in your browser.

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