Even More VLC Media Player for Windows 8 Clones Now Available for Download

Several fake VLC players show up in the Windows Store

VideoLAN is still working on the official Windows 8 port of the famous VLC multimedia player, but several other developers are trying to take advantage of VLC’s popularity with the help of clones that could trick people into believing they’re actually downloading the real stuff.

VLCC Play and VLCM Player are only two examples, both of which come with a rather basic feature package and, unsurprisingly, with a shareware license.

No trial version is available for download, so users who wish to install these apps need to pay for a license.

The official descriptions published in the Store point to a wide video format support, a well-known feature of the original VLC media player, while the available screenshots present a rather simple UI.

As for the real VLC app, expect it in the next couple of months, as developers have already sent a testing build to Kickstarter backers.

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