Evernote for Windows Receives Major Update, Now Has Image Annotation and Faster Sync

The Windows client received a new round of improvements this morning

Evernote for Windows has received a major pack of updates this morning that adds new options and important improvements for the existing tools.

The update comes down to two significant enhancements that are available to all users starting today on Windows platforms, the parent company revealed in a blog post.

First of all, the new Evernote version comes with image annotation that can be used easily by both beginners and those more experienced by simply moving the mouse over an image.

“Mouse over an image, and you’ll see an Annotation button appear in the top right corner. Click it to open the Annotation Tool. From there, point something out using arrows and stamps, add text and shapes, or crop and resize. Close the window and your note updates with the annotated image,” Andrew Sinkov, Evernote developer, explained.

Faster synchronization is also available after the update, with the application now benefitting from improvements in sync performance especially for Evernote Business users.

Of course, the new Evernote build also packs several stability and reliability improvements, which means that the note-talking app should no longer crash and will work better on all Windows builds on the market.

Overall, there’s no doubt that this is quite a necessary update for all users, so download Evernote for Windows right away to get the improvements on your computer as well.

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