Explorer8 File Manager for Windows 8.1 Gets New Update

A new version of the application comes with bug fixes and more options

Windows 8.1 already comes with a built-in file manager for the Modern UI, but if you’re looking for a truly powerful application that can provide you with a richer set of features, Explorer8 could be the right choice.

The program, which has an interface that’s completely optimized for the touch so you can use it on tablets as well, received a new update this morning, getting some new bug fixes, as well as options to sort items by files types and thus manage them easier.

Explorer8 version 16 also fixes an issue that blocked users from adding favorites, so if you’ve been experiencing problems with the previous releases, this is the right time to update.

Explorer8 comes with support for all Windows 8.1 versions on the market, so you can install it on your PCs, laptops, and tablets. At the same time, it’s also compatible with ARM devices, so if you’ve purchased a device running Windows RT, the app works on this one as well.

Unfortunately for those who are impressed with its feature lineup, the app isn’t offered free of charge, but it’s still worth a try if you’re looking for a more powerful file manager.

Overall, this update should be great news for existing users, so download Explorer8 for Windows 8.1 right now to get all these improvements on your computer as well.

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