FLV Media Player for Windows 8 Gets Improved – Free Download

A new version of the application is now up for grabs

FLV Media Player offers one of the easiest ways to play FLV files on a Windows 8 device, especially because full-featured multimedia players are yet to be ported to Microsoft’s new OS.

The application has recently received an update that makes it a bit more stable on both Windows 8 and Windows RT, while also addressing some previously-reported bugs spotted in earlier releases.

As you might know, FLV Media Player’s sole purpose is to open FLV files, so it comes in very handy if you wish to deal with this particular format in the Metro UI of Windows 8.

Of course, all eyes are on VLC, as the application is currently being ported to Windows 8, with developers behind this project claiming that a stable build should be released anytime soon.

Click here to view and download FLV Media Player for Windows 8.

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