FLV Media Player for Windows 8 Receives Update – Free Download

The application allows you to play FLV files with no fuss

VLC for Windows 8 is still under development right now, so FLV Media Player is one of the top choices for adopters of Microsoft’s new operating system who wish to play FLV files on the go.

The application has received a new update today, so make sure you launch the Windows Store and install it as soon as possible.

The newly-launched version comes with stability and performance improvements, but also adds playback position synchronization across devices running the app.

FLV Media Player can be installed on all Windows 8 versions currently on the market, including the x86 and x64 builds aimed at desktop users. It can work on ARM devices too, so Surface RT tablets should be able to run it just fine.

View FLV Media Player for Windows 8/RT in your browser.

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