Facebook Doesn’t Plan a Windows 8 Metro App

Facebook isn’t working to release a dedicated application for the new Windows 8

Microsoft’s Windows Store has more than 25,000 apps and it continuously grows at a pretty fast pace, but some world-renowned apps are completely missing for the time being.

One of them is Facebook, as a Windows 8 app would allow adopters of this OS to access their profiles and get in touch with friends without leaving the Modern interface.

But as far as Facebook is concerned, there’s no such project in the works at this time, but an official Windows 8 application may be released at some point, a spokesperson has hinted.

"We are constantly evaluating our strategy for supporting new platforms ... as the market and consumer adoption evolves," a company official has told AdAge.

The good news, on the other hand, is that some of the Windows 8 developers have already created a bunch of Facebook apps and many more will most likely be released in the upcoming months. At least there is hope.

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