Facebook Touch for Windows 8 Updated and Released for Download

A new version of the software is now up for grabs in the Store

While Facebook isn’t planning a Windows 8 application for those who wish to access the social network without leaving the Metro UI, most users turn to the so-called Facebook Touch, a simple tool that comes with a pretty great feature package.

As you may find out by simply reading its name, the app is fully optimized for the touch, so it’s safe to say that it’s one of the best Facebook clients for Windows RT tablets.

The update rolled out today brings a new navigation bar, as well as the ability to sort the news feed items. In addition, the app now shows new notifications and messages count in the app bar, while the log out icon has been moved to the Settings charm.

Of course, the app continues to work on all Windows 8 versions so, beside Windows RT, it can be installed on x86 and x64 builds too.

Click here to view the updated product page of Facebook Touch in your browser.

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