Facebook Video Calling and Chat Not Working for Some Users After Windows 8.1 Update

Users are experiencing yet another issue after deploying the new 8.1

In addition to Secure Boot and blank black screens experienced by users after moving to Windows 8.1, it seems that the OS update is also causing a number of glitches for those trying to access Facebook video calling and chat tools.

Posts on Microsoft’s Community forums indicate that the issue doesn’t seem to be related to Internet Explorer 11, as similar problems are being experienced on Firefox and Chrome too.

The only workaround that’s available right now is related to compatibility, so simply right click the main executable file of the browser you’re using and access the properties screen. Go over to “Compatibility” and select Windows 8.

Microsoft is yet to provide a fix for this glitch, but expect the company to address it in the next important Windows 8.1 update that could be released in the coming weeks.

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