Fail: North Korean Rocket Control Center Uses Windows XP UPDATED

North Korean officials release video to showcase the recent successful rocket launch

Our readers have helpfully pointed out that we've mistakenly identified the operating system in the video as Windows XP, whereas it is either Vista or 7. Original story follows:

We’ve heard that the 11-year-old Windows XP is being used by nearly 40 percent of the world population, but who would have ever thought the North Korean authorities are among those who fell in love with this operating system?

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past months, chances are that you didn’t know that North Korea has decided to launch a rocket (and a satellite) to honor the new almighty leader Kim Jong-un.

Well, after the first launch attempt failed miserably, the North Korean engineers reunited to honor their leader once again. To hell with cakes, let’s do the rocket launch thing again!

Nothing unusual until now. North Korean media claims the launch was a success (although we’ll never know this for a fact), but one thing is for sure: engineers were most likely playing Solitaire minutes before the rocket took off the ground.

How come, you may ask. Pretty simple actually: they’re still using Windows XP (which, by the way, comes with the old-school and the totally-awesome Solitaire) and the classic Windows Media Player.

Can’t believe it? Check out the rocket launch video at 00:30.

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