Fake MSN Messenger Installers Show Up on Google

Microsoft will soon discontinue its popular Messenger app

Microsoft has already announced its plans to discontinue MSN Messenger and move all users to Skype, so cybercriminals moved quickly to try to exploit this decision.

Fabio Assolini of Kaspersky Labs warns that some websites are now delivering fake MSN Messenger installers, especially because it’s very hard to find the official application these days, given the fact that Microsoft has removed the download link.

Searching Google, for example, returns several dangerous websites, including a sponsored link of a malicious domain that distributes a fake installer hiding a Trojan banker.

Of course, users are all recommended to avoid clicking on these links and, given the fact that Microsoft is asking users to abandon MSN Messenger completely and move to Skype, you shall do the same thing as soon as possible.

The MSN Messenger shutdown will begin on April 8 for the English versions of the app and will end on April 30 in Brazil.

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