Fax and Scan Tools No Longer Working After Windows 8.1 Update

Users are experiencing issues with some Windows tools after the update

Back in November, it has emerged that many of the users who migrated to Windows 8.1 actually experienced issues with the operating system, mostly due to a number of bugs and compatibility issues with their hardware.

A post on Microsoft’s Community forums reveals that Windows Fax and Scan no longer works after deploying the new Windows 8.1 update from the Store, no matter if consumers are using a compatible modem or not.

“After upgrading to 8.1 the Fax and Scan Software does not send the fax. It dials the number and the receiving fax machine turns on and plays its ‘signal’ but the software does not send the fax, it just times out,” one of the affected users explained.

While Microsoft hasn’t yet released a patch for this problem, some fairly difficult workaround have already been found, but according to some reports, they are only dealing with the issue for a rather limited number of users.

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