Female Thieves Steal $5,000 Worth of Microsoft Tablets

A group of female thieves is targeting Seattle Microsoft Stores

A group of six women and a man has managed to steal approximately $5,000 (€3,800) worth of goods from Microsoft’s stores based in Seattle.

Aged between 20 and 45, the women are wearing heavy coats and rely on what seems to be a very well-coordinated strategy, The Register reports citing police sources.

The gang has stolen tablets and Touch Covers from Microsoft’s stores located at 2624 Northeast University Village Street and 116 Bellevue Square in Seattle.

It appears, however, that the thieves have only targeted the cheapest Surface tablets priced at $499 (€380) which, according to Microsoft’s official website, do not include a Touch Cover and offer only 32 GB of storage space.

Police officers are currently on the lookout for the seven thieves and those who can provide helpful information for the investigation should call Detective Davidson at (206) 684-4593.

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