FileZilla Client 3.6.0 RC 1 Available for Download

The developer makes some changes touching on the “Remember passwords?” dialog

The first release candidate for FileZilla Client has been rolled out. As expected, there are no new features available, only repairs and minor changes.

The changes available in this revision include making the wording in the “Remember passwords?” dialog more consistent. Additionally, this dialog is no longer displayed when the user connects anonymously, as it makes sense.

Also changed in this release is stating whether it's local or on the server when asking for confirmation to delete files.

The developer fixed the issue with the right-to-left rendering of the progress line in the transfer queue.

The first beta for this revision has been released back in October and it included a few new things, such as adding the option to create empty files in the context menu of the remote file list.

Download FileZilla Client for WindowsMac or Linux.

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