Find a Gift for Your Grad with These Windows 8 Metro Apps

Microsoft has again created a temporary software category in the Windows Store

Microsoft has recently released a new temporary software section in the US version of the Windows Store, thus promoting apps that could help consumers find the perfect gift for a grad.

Just as expected since we’re talking about gifts, the category is mostly about shopping apps, such as Best Buy, Amazon, Staples, Newegg, eBay and Nook. Most of them are offered with a free license and all are working on both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

“Congratulate your grad with the perfect gift! Whether they’re leaving home for the first time or just starting a new career, you can find them a gift that will celebrate their big accomplishment and help them take that next big step,” the description of the new category reads.

Of course, these apps will be displayed in the spotlight section of the Windows Store for a limited time, as the company chooses new Metro tools to promote on a weekly basis.

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