Firefox 17.0.1 Scheduled to Land Today

New build should solve problems with font and Skype click-to-call

We’ve already grown accustomed to minor (x.0.1) Firefox versions emerging after the release of the major stable build of Firefox. Version 17 is no different as Mozilla plans to release Firefox 17.0.1 (for ESR edition as well) today, unthrottled.

This means that, starting today, we should expect the browser to receive an update. The reason for rolling out the fresh revision is a set of ten bugs that have been fixed since the release of version 17.

The fixes address the issue with the browser’s failure to reset all social components when the user leaves private browsing with the social component enabled.

Firefox 17 silently stops processing “permissions.sqlite” when rejecting rules valid under version 16; this should also be fixed in the upcoming build.

Some of the bugs led to breaking Skype click-to-call plugin. Apparently, this was noted since beta 6 of the browser. Furthermore, the new release is supposed to solve the issue with the way font is displayed, which has been reported through Mozilla support forum.

The second beta for Firefox 18 is also planned for release today (currently available for download from Mozilla FTP). According to Mozilla, click-to-play feature should be 100% ready for this release of the browser.

Full list of bugs fixed is available here.

UPDATE: Firefox 17.0.1 is currently released

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