Firefox 18.0.1 to Be Released Today

It is a maintenance release, repairs a set of ten problems

Today Mozilla plans to launch a minor update for Firefox browser and increase the build number to 18.0.1. It is a maintenance release and it should come out by the end of the day.

The new revision addresses a set of ten bugs, most of them being platform-specific. A startup crash has been eliminated on Windows and the problem with using a Proxy Auto-Config (PAC) script should no longer exist. Also fixed is the issue with NTLM and some SSL proxies.

For the Mac version, the developer repaired the problem with the URL suggestion box that popped up on the wrong screen.

On the same note, running proxy configuration code off the main thread on OS X caused memory leak. Also, on Mac OS X Firefox 18 broke Unity content. The full list of modifications is available here.

UPDATE: Firefox 18.0.1 has been released for the desktop; you can download it from the links below:

Download Firefox for


Download Firefox for Mac
Download Firefox for Linux

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