Firefox 20 Aurora Released

Flaunts panel-based download manager and per-window private browsing

Mozilla increased the build number for Firefox Aurora to version 20. The novelty in this release is the availability of a refreshed private browsing feature, which has been completely re-written in order to make the experience more comfortable.

The new method eliminates giving up the regular browsing session in favor of private browsing. Instead, the incognito session launches in a separate window.

Firefox 20 Aurora also brings to the table the new panel-based download manager designed mainly to increase the user experience with the browser. The built-in panel displays the current state of the download, offers access to the list of recent operations and provides an estimate for completing the job.

Also new in this revision is the ability to close hanging plug-ins without suspending the browser itself.

Additional changes refer to performance improvements that touch on common browser activity, such as page loads or the shutdown routine.

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