Firefox 20 Beta Available for Download

It adds per-window private browsing, new download experience

Mozilla has launched the beta for Firefox 20, which touts significant changes touching on the usability of the web browser. The fresh release is available for all supported platforms.

The new revision introduces a new download experience by implementing a panel-based download manager, which is now integrated with the design of the browser. It is more like a status indicator that offers details about the current download jobs: estimated time of completion, transfer speed and size of the file.

Per-window private browsing is also among the new features that improve overall user experience with Firefox. This approach spares you of giving up the regular browsing session and allows you to start a private session in a new window. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to open a link straight into a private window.

Firefox 20 will be able to launch an alert when a plug-in hangs for a longer period (45 seconds), so you can restart it alone, instead of the entire browser.

Security-wise, the browser will present the option to reset the search provider in the Awesome bar to default if it has been changed by third-party programs or from about:config panel.

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