Firmware Update Makes Surface Pro 3 Tablets Worse, Buyers Complain

A number of users say that Microsoft’s updates are doing more harm than good

A number of Surface Pro 3 tablets are being affected by a limited Wi-Fi connectivity issue that blocks users from browsing the web, but Microsoft has already released a firmware update to address this issue.

It turns out, however, that some of the users who installed this firmware update are actually reporting even more problems with their tablets, with some claiming that Wi-Fi is now dropping completely at random times.

Here’s a message posted by one of the affected users on Microsoft’s Community forums:

“Unfortunately, this week's update only made my Surface Pro 3 worse. Though it no longer has the ‘Limited’ connectivity upon awakening, it now completely drops WiFi randomly and very frequently, making the device unusable. Being the last day of my return Window, having bought this on day one, I have no option now but to return the computer. I am extremely disappointed, for the machine is certainly a huge improvement over my Surface Pro 1. However, without consistent connectivity, it is of no value to me.”

At this point, it’s not yet clear whether this is a common issue or only a few tablets are affected, but Microsoft is expected to provide more information on this in the coming weeks.

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