First Microsoft Fanboy to Sleep in Front of a Store to Get the Surface

Chinese Microsoft fan wants to be the first in the world buying the Surface

If you’re a tech-savvy user and you keep an eye on technology news around the world, you probably remember all those Apple fanboys who were waiting in line to buy the new iPhone at noon.

The same thing is now happening with Microsoft fans, as the Redmond-based technology company is getting ready to launch the company’s first tablet ever.

CNET has published a few photos of a Chinese boy waiting in front of Beijing Suning, the store that’ll begin selling the Surface on October 26.

Thanks to the time zone however, Chen Shi is very likely to be the first Microsoft tablet buyer in the entire world.

At this point, he’s camping out all alone in front of the store, but since eating those delicious McDonalds hamburgers while sleeping in a tent is clearly a treat, Suning expects many more Microsoft fanboys to come soon.

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