First Screenshot Showing the Windows 8.1 Store in Portrait Mode

Windows 8.1 Preview is almost here, so new features are available in leaked builds

As you probably found out by now, the new Windows 8.1 Preview will come with enhanced support for smaller tablets, so some of the built-in features will be specifically tweaked to look good on 7- and 8-inch units.

In addition to the Start screen, the Windows Store will also be available in portrait mode and as you can see in this photo, the new design seems to be pretty nice.

Truth is, it could take a while to browse all available categories and read all details about a specific app, but the good thing is that owners of smaller tablets could now enjoy the same Windows 8 features as everybody else.

Only a few details are available right now, but expect more information to be provided in just a couple of weeks, as Windows 8.1 Preview is set to go live on June 26.

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