FlashFXP 4.3 Stable Available for Download

It adds possibility to change application data folder after installation

The latest version for FlashFXP has been launched recently and it includes only one new feature, the rest of the modifications being repairs.

Some of the fixed issues relate to the task scheduling component. In some cases, the file transfer would not initiate and there would be no error recorded in the scheduler either.

On the same note, a scheduled task no longer attempts to warn the user if the server certificate or host is not trusted; instead, it automatically rejects any untrusted hosts.

The developer also solved the problem with an access violation crash that occurred when FlashFXP would be closed from the taskbar and a child dialog would be waiting for user input.

Furthermore, the estimated time for completing the queue should no longer be inaccurate for upload jobs.

New in this release is the ability to change the application data folder after installation; this can be done through the installer maintenance mode.

Download FlashFXP

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