Fliers Get the Chance to Test Drive Windows 8 Before They Take Off

Microsoft brings Windows 8 and the Surface in US airports

Microsoft seems really keen to let everyone know that Windows 8 is now generally available, so the company has set up special kiosks in US airports to let fliers test drive the new operating system.

The company has signed a partnership with Southwest to give travelers the opportunity to experiment Windows 8 and the Surface tablet in a total of 20 airports across the United States.

And the company’s efforts seem to pay off quite quickly, as many are actually stopping by to see either the Surface tablet or Windows 8 in action, the Sun Sentinel writes.

“People are curious to see if [the Surface is] more of a tablet or laptop,” said Nelson Pacheco of GT Events, the company that’s operating the kiosk. “While it emulates some laptop features, it's a tablet at heart.”

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