Football Manager 2013 for Windows 8 Delayed

The Handheld versions will land in app stores before Christmas

Windows 8’s Windows Store grows bigger, but it won’t feature the brand new Football Manager 2013 for the time being, as Sports Interactive finds the new platform “too fragmented.’

This means that Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone users won’t get the chance to play the new Football Manager anytime soon, while Android, iPhone and iPad owners are bit luckier.

“The problem with Windows 8, for me, is that a decision seems to have been made somewhere that tablets and PCs are of one family, and that phones are a different family. Whereas, we believe that tablets and phones are one family,” studio Director Miles Jacobson told Pocket-lint.

In the meantime, the Windows Store is continuously growing bigger, but it’s still far from Microsoft’s forecast of 100,000 apps available worldwide by February 2013.

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