Former Employee Launches Windows 8 SkyDrive App to Compete with Microsoft

Folder synchronization now available for Windows RT users too

SkyDrive for Windows 8 and Windows RT has been around for a while, but David Overton, a former Microsoft employee, has launched his very own app compatible with the cloud storage service.

The so-called SkyDrive RT Sync comes with a feature that’s missing in Microsoft’s SkyDrive client on Windows RT platforms.

The app supports folder synchronization, meaning that it does basic file comparison to determine whether a user-defined directory needs synchronization with the SkyDrive account.

Such an option is already available in the desktop version of the SkyDrive client and, thanks to this app, it can be accessed on Windows RT platforms too.

The tool, however, isn’t available for free, but with a small fee of $1.49 (€1.10). A trial version is offered to those who wish to give it a try before buying the app for x86, x64 and ARM builds of Windows 8.

Click here to view the SkyDrive RT Sync product page in your browser.

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