Former Windows Boss Denies Having Wanted to Control Microsoft

Steven Sinofsky denies all rumors, but refused to reveal the reason for his departure

Steven Sinofsky is no longer head of the Microsoft Windows division and voices familiar with the matter have hinted that he had decided to quit because he wanted to replace Steve Ballmer at the helm of the company.

That’s not the case, Sinofsky said in a short comment to a blog post of Hal Berenson, a former Microsoft team member.

As writes, Berenson suggested that Sinofsky wanted to control both the Windows Phone and Developer divisions, before eventually increasing his power within the company.

“Hal. Hey there, I find myself feeling to offer some insight — relative to what you say above, I never initiated any discussions to bring together the organizations/products you describe and no one ever approached me to manage them as part of Windows 7 or 8,” Sinofsky briefly explained.

Still no reason for the departure, but we expect even more information to emerge in the next few days.

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