Former Windows Boss Still Getting a Paycheck from Microsoft

“Steven Sinofsky will remain a Microsoft employee until December 31”

Steven Sinofsky has announced last week that he was leaving Microsoft, but while the resignation has already been confirmed, the former Windows boss remains an employee until December 31.

Microsoft said in a Form 8-K filling sent to the US Securities and Exchange Commission that Sinofsky would continue to receive a paycheck until the end of the year.

And even if he’s unofficially unemployed, Sinofsky has nothing to worry about. Microsoft revealed in an October filling that Sinofsky’s annual salary stands at $8,583,732 (€6,726,006), with a base salary of $658,333 (€515,853) and a bonus of $1,530,000 (€1,198,871).

What’s more, Sinofsky owns $17.5 million (€13.7 million) in Microsoft stock, as he holds nearly 650,000 shares. For the sake of comparison, CEO Steve Ballmer is even richer, as he has 333 million shares, with an estimated value of $15.9 billion (€12.4 billion).

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