Former Windows Boss Tweets from an iPhone

Steven Sinofsky uses an iPhone for Twitter every once in a while

Steven Sinofsky, a former head of the Windows division and the man responsible for Windows 8, is no longer working for Microsoft, but he remains a big fan of the Surface RT tablet.

While he was spotted with his Surface every once in a while, Sinofsky is also using an iPhone to tweet his thoughts. And his latest posts are the living proof.

Asked by one of his followers why he’s using an iPhone for Twitter, his answer was as simple as it could be: “Sure I use an iPhone at times. I have a Samsung too that I use. I want to be familiar with the work of all companies.”

While this pretty much makes sense, we’re wondering if the real reason for tweeting from an iPhone isn’t actually the fact that there’s no full-featured Twitter client available on the Surface RT or on Windows 8 right now…

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