Former Windows Boss to Teach at Harvard

Steven Sinofsky will start teaching in spring next year

Former Windows boss Steven Sinofsky has announced on his Twitter profile that he would start teaching at Harvard Business School in Massachusetts in spring 2013.

“Excited to return to @HarvardHBS to teach again this spring! New perspectives, recharge, share experiences, write. #sabbatical,” he wrote on this Twitter account.

Although he didn’t provide too many details in his first tweet, Sinofsky replied to another user to add that he would hold classes on product development and “write stuff” for the university.

Steven Sinofsky has decided to leave Microsoft last month for no clear reason, with sources familiar with the matter suggesting that the growing tension between him and CEO Steve Ballmer was at fault for this departure.

Others have said that Sinofsky had been criticized for the poor sales recorded by Windows 8 in its first days on the market, but there’s no clear indication that this could be the real reason.

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